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Thousands of people visit Florida every year to visit Disney World and to enjoy their annual holiday / vacation.  Whether you are spending time alone or with family and friends Florida proves to be a hit year after year due to the amount of interesting activities on offer.  Business men and women feel the need to relax and rewind, and through visiting Disneyworld in Orlando they have the chance to return to their child hood and leave the stress and worries of every day life behind.

When you visit Disney World in Orlando, you can stay in a choice of many different holiday apartments, hotels or villas.   In fact, Disney World offers a range of hotel accommodation from budget to luxury packages.  However, renting a Disney holiday villa is the perfect way to spend a holiday in Orlando with family or friends.  Typically holiday Villas can sleep between 8 and 10 people and through sharing with Family or friends they can make your holiday costs much cheaper than staying in a hotel.

Many holiday Villas near to Disney World in Orlando are luxurious in their décor and surroundings.  After all, when you are on holiday why would you not want to enjoy a luxurious afternoon by the pool, or sitting on the terrace on an evening and watching the sunset?  

When you stay in a holiday villa near to Disney World you will typically have access to your own private pool and spa area, along with a terrace area that allows you to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.  In some cases your pool might be shared and you should check this before you book.

Many holiday villas form a small community, and this means that there is often a shop or communal games room nearby.  So if the weather takes a turn for the worst your kids can enjoy themselves and stay out of trouble!

Of course, when you stay in a holiday villa near to Disney World you don’t just have to visit the Theme Park.  Why not take a drive down to Miami Beach and The Florida Keys?  There is so much to see in Florida it would be a shame not to see it whilst you are there.

Villas in near to Disney are becoming increasingly popular with holidaymakers, normally down to the reasonable cost and an opportunity to escape from the Theme Park.   This gives you the opportunity to get away from the hectic lifestyle of the theme park and relax in scenic Orlando.

Are you visiting Florida this year and looking for a holiday villa near Disneyworld? Why not consider a Florida holiday Villa in Tuscan Hills, one of Orlando’s newest and most impressive communities. This impressive holiday villa sleeps up to 10 adults and with its own private indoor pool and spa area., this villa is an ideal place for family and friends to enjoy their visit to Disney World.



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